Monday, August 21, 2017

Afternoon Tea With Friends and Family

Make time to Slooow! down, put the kettle on and set your table for a traditional afternoon tea. 

Choose a beautiful teapot........

Grindley Cream Petal shape, Lilac pattern 2 pint teapot. An odd name for a blue and floral pattern don't you think? A gorgeous teapot just the same. c.1940s. 

Royal Albert Haworth pattern. Ornate 8 cup teapot c.1980s.

Royal Grafton Mayfair. Blush Rose pattern 2 pint teapot with a blue glazed lid. c.1957+

Zandra Rhodes My Favourite Things. Large 2 pint teapot made by Royal Albert.

A tiered cake stand.......... 

House of Claridge Collectors Edition Chintz 2 Tier Cake Stand. Grimwades plates made by Royal Winton.

Sunny Days Mismatched Teacup Top 3 Tier Cake Stand.

Wedgwood Harcourt 3 Tier Cake Stand. A rare pattern of colourful flowers and turquoise blue border. c.1991

Flower Garden Teapot Topped 3 Tier Cake Stand.

Wedgwood Wild Strawberry Teacup Top 3 Tier Cake Stand.

Royal Albert Petit Point 3 Tier Cake Stand. c.1930s

A milk jug and sugar bowl........

Grosvenor Floral China c.1930s 

 Coalport Fragrance c.1950s

Gladstone Pink Blossom c.1950s

Teacups, saucers and tea plates......

Noritake Blue Floral Trio

Royal Doulton Arcadia Teacup Trio

Royal Albert Minuet Teacup Trio c.1950s

Royal Standard Daisy Hand Painted Trio c.1940s

Paragon Richelieu Duck Egg & Gold Teacup Trio c.1957+

Art Deco 7 Piece Plates Set. Perfect for chilled desserts.

American Sweetheart Monax Sherbert Set. Collectible etched glass dessert set c.1936

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Green Sandwich Tray.

Pink and Green Floral Mismatched China Tea Set and 3 Tier Cake Stand.

Put away the coffee mugs and lay out a pretty table cloth. Use your prettiest china teaware and make a cup of tea a special occasion.   

Monday, August 24, 2015


All our vintage china was made in England by manufacturers in the Staffordshire Potteries the majority of whom ceased trading many years ago.

Royal Crown Derby c.1939
Crown Staffordshire c.1930s
Paragon Art Deco

The beautiful, floral patterned, 22kt gold gilded teacups, teapots and tableware we have on our website has been sitting in someone's display cabinet or on their tea table in the past, so of course they are used pieces. If, like me, you appreciate the craftsmanship that went in to the production of vintage china and love the delicate shapes, hand painting and elegance of style, then you will enjoy collecting vintage china.

Royal Adderley c.1960s

We search UK wide for the prettiest chinaware so that you can start your own collection or give someone a special and thoughtful lasting gift. A full teaset when washed and checked may turn out to be just a few teacups and saucers as we discard any that are chipped, cracked or crazed.

Sutherland China c.1936
On our website you can choose to see teaware by selecting the Colour/Date/Style category. If you like say green or pink colours, Art Deco from the 1920s and 30s or mismatched china you can see them all listed together.

 Take a look at our large collection of teacup trios and start your collection today.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


People often say that tea tastes better when drunk from a proper teacup rather than a mug. Well that may or may not be true after all it is subjective. Maybe it is because a mug is usually made from earthenware which is a very different substance from bone china. Perhaps it is the ritual of placing the teacup on a saucer and hearing the little 'ting' as the two surfaces come together. Or could it be that the tea is more likely to be brewed in a teapot when using teacups, a time old tradition that still evokes an age of elegance. 
Tuscan China made by R.H.& S.L.Plant
 Whatever the reason we love the beautiful patterns and shapes of vintage china teacups. 

Duck Egg & Gold Teacup Trio
 Our Vintage china really is authentic and was made in the Staffordshire Potteries in years gone by. Until the mid 20th century there were hundreds of potteries in Staffordshire manufacturing  teaware for the home. Now there are only one or two left and these companies either produce high end - expensive products - such as Royal Crown Derby, which is not actually in Staffordshire, or have switched their china manufacture to Asia or now make earthenware products.

Aynsley April Rose
 How can you tell if a teacup is real bone china? Check the manufacturers stamp on the underside and it should say bone china or fine bone china. Most items also say England or Made in England if made after 1891. Hold the teacup in your open palm and flick it with a finger nail. You should hear it 'ring' as you would with a thin drinking glass. Fine bone china is almost transparent when held up against a light or candle.
Royal Standard Garden Terrace
 Looking after your precious vintage china: Bone china is also incredibly strong and when used at room temperature it can take boiling water without harm - but it is not advised to pour in boiling liquids if the china is icy cold as the shock could cause it to crack.  If knocked against a hard surface the rim can chip. The gold gilding on the rim, handle or foot of the cup is real gold mixed with a fixative which is fired in the kiln to keep it in place. With prolonged use some of the gilding may wear - this is quite normal and not harmful. Washing should be done by hand and definately not in a dish washer with detegents that are far too harsh. Cracked, crazed or chipped china should not be used for drinking from as bacteria can hide under the glaze.

Christian Dior Roses
 We select only the very best peices of china for our teacup trios, tea sets and cake stands and discard any that is not of a suitable quality.   
Royal Albert Gladiolus
Give someone the really special, lasting gift of a vintage china teacup trio in a ribbon bound keepsake gift box and they can enjoy drinking tea from a 'proper cup' and have the added delight of displaying it too.    


Friday, June 20, 2014

Creating a Pink, Green and Gold Mismatched Vintage Tea Set with Cake Stand

We've been collecting together some of our prettiest china finds and taken a selection to show you how easy it is to create your own beautiful mismatched tea set from our vintage teacups. To create the perfect setting for an afternoon tea party we've chosen a pink and green vintage florals theme with lots of lavish gold. 

The Staffordshire Potteries made exquisite bone china teacups and we think these are particularly pretty. We've taken an exceptionally fine Paragon Rose Damask, a Salisbury pink rose and gold, a Queen Anne Gainsborough, Adderley, Elizabethan lily of the valley and Tuscan green floral tea trio. Each trio has a matching teacup, saucer and tea plate. 

Why have just one pattern when you can enjoy them all? The complementary pink and greens give the tea set a designed theme, but of course, if you want to have all mismatched colours and patterns that looks just as lovely. You can add more, or fewer if you wish, and you won't have to worry too much if there is ever a breakage. No more fruitless searching for that elusive bygone pattern. Simply find another vintage teacup that will fit with your scheme. 

We've added a Tuscan cream and green floral cream jug and sugar bowl which matches with one of the teacups and a plate in the cake stand to give the set design continuity. 

We created this beautiful vintage cake stand from a green and gold Adderley cake plate, a Tuscan floral plate and a mismatched Royal Albert Lady Carlyle teacup and Salisbury pink and gold saucer.

Just add guests and serve your cupcakes and tea with a touch of vintage glamour!

We have lots of lovely teacups for you to choose from to mix and match. All of our vintage china was made in England in the Staffordshire Potteries. We spend a great deal of time searching for the best quality prettiest teacups so you're sure to find a pattern to fall in love with. 

To complete your tea set we stock vintage bone china teapots, cake plates and accessories too. This is a Royal Albert teapot in the classic Old Country Roses pattern.

The teacups featured in this tea set are all currently available to buy at Cake Stand Heaven whilst stocks last.


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