Friday, December 10, 2010

Enter our competitions to win a cake stand

We are delighted to announce that we are running concurrent competitions on both Facebook and Twitter. For a chance to win a Royal Doulton Serenity 3 Tier Cake Stand like us on Facebook and visit us on Twitter and ReTweet the competition message. To view the Serenity Cake Stands visit

Good Luck. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cake Stand

33 days to go and counting! Like it or not Christmas is coming! It's time to get organised and baking those mince pies and spicing the wine. Why not make this year's festivities extra special and set a truly spectacular table for your family and friends?

Christmas Cake StandWe have the perfect centre piece to complete your setting. A Christmas Village 3 tier cake stand created by us from new Mason's plates designed by Marsten-Mandrajji. With cute little Christmas cottages and trees based on a naive festive scene it's sure to delight. Stack up with treats, sweets and festive goodies or if you prefer a healthy option why not pile it high with mixed nuts, dried fruits and clementines. Decorate it with strings of gold beads, pine cones, and festive foliage. Tie a large bow onto the handle and enjoy! Available in store now at £39.95 plus postage.

cranberry scented candleWe also have a lovely selection of festive vintage teacup candles which are wonderful for creating a warm ambiance. Scented with mulled wine, cranberry and pine needles, bring the aroma of Christmas into your home. They make beautiful gifts and once the candle is finished use them for a nice cup of tea.

The cake stand is easy to assemble/disassemble so that it can be safely stored until next Christmas and for many festive occasions to come. Time to get making and baking!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nostalgia with a Twist

If you're as proud of your vintage china tea set as we are then you'll find any opportunity to bring out those cups and saucers and show off your Michelin star baking on that gorgeous cake stand. For decades granny kept her special tea service in a glass cabinet. It was a thing to behold too. Never to be touched by human hands except for the occasional Sunday afternoon when the vicar was invited into the front parlour for a nice cup of tea and slice of Victoria sponge. We have other ideas about that. We want to love our pre-loved china even more. We want nostalgic glamour with a twist.

pink vintage tea setThere's no reason whatsoever why you can't serve lemon tea, caffè latte or cocktails in teacups, so why not try desserts too? We have ways to impress your guests! Sweets are just exquisite presented in gorgeous teacups.

jelly in a teacupCool strawberry jelly in a pretty china teacup. Just pour on a splash of fresh cream.

trifle in a teacupLovely vintage teacups do not have to be kept aside for hot tea. Delight your friends and family and serve dessert in a teacup. Anything cold is ideal. What could be more delicious than a teacup filled with a home made trifle? Hmm, or chocolate mousse or Eton Mess or fruit cocktails with a shortbread biscuit served on the saucer.

teddy in a teapotIt's not obligatory to shove teddy in the teapot! At the infamous 'Tea Party' the Mad Hatter pushed the Dormouse face first into his. I think Ted looks cute and happy in there. Why hide the teapot in the cupboard when it has other uses? Oh, did I mention that teapots make great flower vases at shabby chic tea parties? I digress....

pink roses in a teacup topped cake standPlace a small bunch of flowers in the teacup top.

cupcake and tea plateA cupcake served the traditional way, on a beautiful English china tea plate.

strawberries in a dish topped cake standWe've designed a collection of cake stands especially for filling with sweets and treats. You can use the dish top for strawberries as we have. Great too for a savoury dip with olives and crudités on the side.

pink cake standAfternoon tea is just so elegant when presented beautifully on a pretty cake stand.

pink roses cake standBe creative and have fun with your cake stand. A cake stand is not only for cakes! You could stack your pots of pickles and preserves in the kitchen. Bring breakfast toast and jam to the table with a touch of vintage glamour. Use your imagination and enjoy.

If anyone has a truly novel idea for making the most of a cake stand we'd love to hear from you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Less Bling More Chic!

I have a confession to make! I found myself looking at Christmas decorations this week. Yes, I know it’s only the first week in November but a girl has to make plans. Take a visit to your local garden centre at this time of year and you will be overwhelmed by the array of gaudy plastic decorations. What happened to the silver tinsel and the red baubles for the tree? Well all this ‘bling’ made me think about a more tasteful and stylish approach to my décor that I thought I would share with you.

Shabby Chic Cake Stand

Here’s what to do. Take a beautiful cake stand and....

Rose Vintage Cake Stand

Add deliciously perfumed soaps which are beautifully wrapped or made into pretty flower shapes. Give your scented cake stand pride of place and you have a gorgeous room freshener that will not only last much longer than any shop bought squirting gimmick but will look stunning too!

Choose a Cake Stand with a pretty Teacup or Bowl top and fill with potpourri. Place coloured tea lights on the lower plates and create a romantic atmosphere.

Use your Cake Stand to display and serve Christmas treats such as Satsuma’s, nuts, chocolates, dried fruits and sweets.

Display your jewellery on a cake stand in the bedroom. Rings on the top plate, bracelets and brooches on the middle, watches and chunky items on the base. Stop necklaces from getting in a tangle by fastening the clasp through the cake stand handle.

Oh! And of course you can use your cake stand to serve cakes too!

Next time I will pass on my tips for making the most of a Vintage Mixed China Tea Set....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shabby Chic Halloween

We've been far too busy to take care of our little allotment this year. Which is sad. Way back in May when hopes were high I nurtured some pumpkin seeds and planted the seedlings underneath the climbing beans. How they survived the drought considering how neglectful we were with the watering is a mystery. Nonetheless they did. Okay, so they're not going to win any prizes in the monster squash category at the RHS show but hey, it's almost Halloween and we have pumpkins galore. The plants had completely withered away and what remained were bright orange football sized pumpkins resting on the tops of the raised beds patiently waiting for us to carry them off. They filled up several carrier bags and weighed a tonne. My arms are still trailing on the floor behind me.

Do I slice scary faces into them or do something sensible and make a great big batch of pumpkin soup? Fetch me a knife! Halloween approaches!

Vintage Mixed China Cake StandPumpkin orange. Now there's a cheerful autumnal colour if ever I saw one. I'm loving it teamed up with lime green too. Rich red, warm yellow, burnt orange, and leaf green. Choose from nature's seasonal palate to create a stunning colour combination.

festive English china teacups and saucersThere's more than a hint of Christmas elegance (is it okay to say that word yet?) in the mixed china tea set above. Autumn flows so effortlessly into the festive season that I've already started to think ahead to that certain date in December. Maybe it's the ivy leaf design on the vintage Colclough teacup contrasting so beautifully with the red rose teacup by Royal Stafford. Mixed with sparkling gold, a sprinkle of crisp fallen leaves and deep pink and it's Christmas I cannot deny. Have the company of good friends and top the teacups up with hot mulled wine and serve with warm mince pies. Hmm...

Vintage Autumn Colours Tea SetIt is rather fashionable to serve up cocktails in china teacups. I adore the idea. How refined and quintessentially English and yet slightly rebellious at the same time! You could fill the sugar bowl with olives and lace the milk jug with something a little stronger if preferred. Perfect for a Halloween or shabby chic bonfire party. You could of course brew up a hot pot of tea. Nothing quite like it to keep the chill off on a cold autumnal afternoon.

English mixed vintage teacups saucers and tea platesFruits and berries and seeds and pods are simply in abundance at this time of year. There's a rustic feel about autumn or is that just the rustle of all those fallen leaves? When the air is damp and the sky is grey it's time to turn to some comforting homely shabby chic.

add a touch of glamour to your bonfire night partyEnjoy the colours and the bounty out there right now whether you're entering into Spring or Autumn as we are. There are plenty of yummy treats to bake for the party season. Maybe I'll dig out that jar of mincemeat from the back of the cupboard that I made last year. Or was it the year before? Oh well. It ought to be well matured by now with all that brandy. I might even make some mince pies so I can show off my own vintage china.

mixed autumnal colours bone china tea setThese tea sets are available now from our vintage china boutique at Cake Stand Heaven. We have a lovely selection of cake stands, tea sets and fine English mixed china to choose from. It's so easy to start a vintage china collection of your own by mismatching beautiful pieces. That's the beauty of shabby chic. But do remember - a vintage tea set is not just for Christmas!

It's something to treasure for many years to come. Granny looked after it and we should too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

"It's always tea-time." So said the Mad Hatter. We agree. Stop the clock at six and make time stand still with this Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Party Tea Set.

Mad Tea PartyIf you're thinking of having your own Mad Tea Party eclectic china is a must. We have chosen a fashionable pink and green floral theme in a mixed selection of teacups, saucers and tea plates to keep it quirky.

Drink Me Teacup and SaucerTie some little 'drink me' labels to your teacups to delight your guests.

Teapot Topped Cake Stand The centre piece of this tea set is a pink roses cake stand topped with a super cute teapot. Hide some sweets inside for your friends to find.

Royal Albert Rose Time plateVintage fine china from Royal Albert. Cupcakes look a treat on this "Rose Time" tea plate.

Drink Me Potion BottleDon't forget the potion bottle. Okay ours is filled with a drop of home made berrybena cordial (courtesy of River Cottage Preserves Handbook) but you can top yours up with a potent brew of your own choosing.

The Mad Hatters Tea PartyThe Queen of Hearts has to put in an appearance. A giant playing card gives a hint that she's around here somewhere shrieking "Off with their head!"

Teacup StackThis unique Mad Tea Set is for six people and includes a cream jug and sugar bowl. Available now from cakestandheaven. We have a gorgeous selection of mixed china to choose from and if you're planning an Alice themed wedding or large tea party it's so easy to add to this set.

Mad Tea Party tea set

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn's Glory

I couldn't help but notice the moon this evening whilst driving home. I was so distracted by it's big smiley face peeping through the clouds that I sat a full thirty seconds at the traffic lights on green before I realised I ought to go through. Apart from the fact that the moon was huge it was also shining as bright a big silver button on a black coat. This year has a very special harvest moon or so I've read. It happens to correspond with the autumn equinox when the sun rises and sets precisely east to west. Apparently. So what has this got to do with anything you might ask? Well nature is a wondrous and fascinating thing don't you agree? Moreover it means that summer is definitely on it's way out and I know this not because of any celestial phenomenon happening way above my head but because there's a real autumnal nip in the air now. In fact I'm writing at this moment with a thick woollen blanket wrapped around my shoulders. My toes however, are freezing.

So what have we got to look forward to as the seasons hurtle towards the depths of cruel winter?

Autumn Tea SetAutumn actually is my favourite time of year. I love seeing the changing colours and kicking through the heaps of fallen leaves on the ground. How can you resist all that crunchiness beneath your feet and the feel of tactile hard skinned horse chestnuts? The time for boots and scarves and Halloween. In Britain this is quickly followed by Bonfire Night when we huddle round a raging fire on a cold damp evening and eat semi cooked potatoes baked in the embers. Oh yes there's plenty yet to look forward to. In celebration of all things autumnal we have of course collected together some fabulous seasonal tea sets.

The above is from the 1930's and made by Grindleys. The maple leaf pattern captures the spirit of autumn wonderfully with muted shades of green and purple with scarlet red and golden yellow. The teapot is a hedgerow feast of ripening blackberries. Just perfect for this time of year to make a piping hot pot of tea and as the berries are in plentiful supply I suggest a slice of apple and blackberry pie and cream.

Autumn Leaf Teacup Stack
The teacup handles are especially stylish. Art Deco style certainly. Useful too for your frozen fingers on November 5th if you're outside watching the fireworks. They are a really clever comfortable design.

Royal Tudor Hedgerow Rose Pattern Tea Set
This next tea set is vintage Royal Tudor Ware by Barker Brothers. Lovely warm orange and white wild roses accentuated against a deep green leaf. Made from ironstone it has a pleasing robust feel to it with a nice hard glaze. It makes me feel cosy just looking at it. This set I can imagine sitting comfortably on a large oak kitchen table. Placed firmly at the hub of the household.

Royal Tudor Teacups
The prospect of autumn's arrival gives a girl the sense that it's time to turn to the house and withdraw indoors on those long dark nights. The tea set below has a real country cottage and sweet homely style. Made by Royal Vale under Ridgways in Staffordshire this pattern I believe is aptly called 'homestead'.

Royal Vale Homestead Tea Set
There's a real touch of vintage nostalgia featured in the design. A chocolate box thatched cottage and garden it certainly does imbue the notion of 'no place like home'.

Country Cottage Teacups
The pattern is repeated on the jug and sugar bowl too. Welcome home! Put the kettle on won't you?

Royal Vale Homestead Tea Set
Finally we come to this super special tea set again in a 'homestead' pattern. Can you believe that it was made back in the 1930's? The condition is fabulous and I can only assume that whoever was lucky enough to own this collection kept it reserved for rare celebratory occasions.

Johnson Brothers Homestead 1930s
It's by Johnson Brothers 'Pareek' and as you would expect from this world renowned company it is indeed exceptional quality earthenware. In a lovely creamy glaze with the prettiest hollyhocks again in a cottage garden.

Johnson Brothers Homestead
The plates are a lovely shape as is the sugar bowl and milk jug below. It certainly is a rare find.

Johnson Brothers Homestead Teacups
I do hope that you enjoy your autumn as much as I am planning to. If you're off to collect conkers, kick leaves, splash in puddles with your wellies on, pick apples, bake them or just to keep warm by the fire when the cold wind blows, then do have a wonderful seasonal time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Victorian Style

How do you fancy a spot of tea with the Queen? Okay I'm not talking about our reigning monarch Elizabeth. We're not posh enough to be invited to the Palace for afternoon tea. I'm referring to Queen Victoria. Let's go back to a bygone era when corsets were tight and manners impeccable. We have some delightful tea sets dating back to Victorian times. The porcelain has a lovely old tactile feel to it. It's hard to describe unless you actually pick it up and hold it in your hands. Delicate and fine. Light as a feather. Perfectly imperfect. There's a cliché which much to my alarm I catch myself saying with increasing frequency. "They don't make 'em like this anymore!" However, it's true. They really don't.

antique yellow teacups saucers and tea platesThese beautiful teacups wouldn't look at all out of place in a smart tea room. We don't have one of those in our local vicinity so we prefer simply to take our tea at home from an exquisite tea cup. They don't come any more authentic than these. For the effect of full splendour you could arrange them beautifully on a silver tea tray and serve the tea from a silver teapot.

antique yellow and gold cake standWe've put together a matching cake stand for your dainty bakes and savouries. Topped of course, with a matching teacup to fill up with sweets.

mixed antique pink and yellow tea setIf you prefer to mix and match then you will love this eclectic antique set. There's a gorgeous rose garland and a pretty pink and yellow teacup in this tea set for three.

2 tier antique pretty pink cake stand This two tier antique cake stand completes the look. Present your cupcakes and whoopie pies in Victorian style. Just don't forget the silver spoons!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Pink Cake Stands

When a box of dusty vintage china wrapped in newspaper was placed on the table in front of me I had no idea that hiding amongst the contents would be a small collection of the prettiest pink tea plates. On discovering them after a bit of rummaging I was practically grinning from ear to ear. Show me a powder pink plate and I'm a very happy girl. These were a heavenly shade of pink and made by Grosvenor Bone China. The back stamp revealed that they were destined for Fortnum and Mason no less. The quality is just exquisite. I've never seen such microscopic brush strokes on a piece of china. Some of the little tinted leaves are less than a millimetre and they are faultless. I couldn't wait to reuse them and they were quickly transformed into fashionable cake stands.

pink cake standI've teamed one of the saucers up with a new Royal Albert (aptly named) Pink cake plate and a Royal Grafton tea plate then topped it off with a Foley teacup. It's prettier than a cupcake with pink icing.

The above picture shows the hand painted border over transfer print. Those little flowers and leaves are really teeny tiny. I can't imagine the concentration and skill it must have taken to produce such fine work. It takes a magnifying glass for me to see it!

pink teacup cake standI'm really pleased with how the pattern and colours worked so well with the saucer and Foley tea cup. I would have put a little flower posy in the top but then you wouldn't have been able to see the floral motif inside the cup. *sighs* It's so pretty!

cupcake stand pinkOne of the pink tea plates was used to create this simple three tier cake stand. Again matched with a Grafton China plate from our stock though this one is slightly larger. They could have been made for one another.

tier cake stand pinkThe base plate is from Royal Albert's Zandra Rhodes 'My Favourite Things' collection. Classic Zandra with her love of wiggly lines. Mixing vintage with new designs can work beautifully. The reclaimed plates were in brilliant condition and had clearly been very well cared for. Pieces that show signs of wear and use look fabulous when mixed together for 'shabby chic' cake stands but those that have been kept in pristine condition in granny's beloved china cabinet are reserved for matching with brand new.

pink cake standThe final cake stand I'd like to share with you is also pink! Once you get started on a theme it's hard to know when to let it go. Saying that, I'm pleased that the pink mood continued. The cake stand below has a gorgeous Tuscan china cup and saucer at the top. How I wish we could find many more as lovely as this one.

mad hatter cake stand pinkThe middle is a Dolphin china pink plate lavishly decorated in gold. Lush!

pink teacup cake standNow what if you filled the cup with biscuit fingers and took some luxury chocolates out of their cardboard packaging and arranged them on this cake stand instead? They wouldn't stay there very long! I may just have to succumb to the temptation....yum!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Website Now Open!

Finally! Crikey! At long last......

cake stand heaven now open for businessOur brand new website is open for business! You can now find us at Cake Stand Heaven. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea, settle down in a comfy chair and come and browse our latest collections. We will be adding lots of gorgeous products daily.


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