Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashionable and Forever

This week we have been turning a vibrant shade of apple blossom pink. I'd like to say it's from too much time in the sun but I can't because this is a British summer after all. So to cheer ourselves up whilst the grey clouds pass above us we've been gleefully mismatching our cake stands and tea sets with the most feminine patterns and prettiest of pinks.

pink mix teacup trios
Royal Albert tea setThe above tea set is a match made in Heaven! You can't go far wrong with soft pink and fresh green. Offset with pure white looks so crisp and clean. It's fashioned from vintage Royal Albert 'Evesham' and Colclough china and based on a pink colourway. I just can't resist! Maybe some therapy might help? Or what about another colour? Blue for instance?

vintage blue floral tea setThis next tea set is made by Adderleys Floral China and dated from around the 1950s. The cups have a pleasing geometric shape which is really unusual and rather tactile too. Like the finest cocktail gown it has a sumptuous lining in perfect blue. Around the cups and plates are ditsy pink rose buds reminiscent of silk embroidery. It's only a hint of pink! The colours in this set really complement one another. The decoration was ahead of it's time and conveniently 'mismatched' as is the contemporary trend. A nostalgic vintage piece that's most definitely in fashion forever.

pink mismatched tea setThere's yet more. You'd be amazed how much china you can arrange on a small circular garden table. Using more of the pieces from the p-i-n-k set above but this time completed with a teapot, three tier teacup topped cake stand and a teacup candle. We've mixed in more soft green and elegant gold in this tea set too which really adds a touch of vintage glamour.

eclectic mismatched china tea setYou fellow Mad Hatter's Tea Party enthusiasts will appreciate the mismatched china in the set above. It actually required a great deal of time and planning to complete this to our satisfaction.

Just perfect for an afternoon garden party or a very posh picnic. We do like to impress our friends with our exquisite good taste don't we? The real beauty of mismatched tea sets is that you can just keep adding to them and rearranging them to suit yourself. If you are unfortunate enough to crack a rare vintage cup you don't have to worry about the hopeless impossibility of finding an identical match. Which leads me on to the final picture...

pretty Victorian cake stand tea setThese plates are early 20th century Adderleys and it was miraculous to find a set in such beautiful condition. They are really stunning. Delicately hand coloured and trimmed with an elaborate amount of gold. There was a lovely deep sided bowl that matched the set which was just perfect for serving strawberries for an authentic afternoon tea. I'd placed it on the back of that tiny table propped up on a plate stand. Sadly, just as I was about to take the photo the plate decided to commit suicide aged 100 plus years old by throwing itself off the edge and onto the patio. These things do happen unfortunately. Never mind. It's nonetheless beautiful and the bowl isn't too much missed. Just have to have a pot of jam with our scones instead. I'm not complaining.

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