Monday, July 26, 2010

Shabby Chic Weddings and Tea Parties

We know that it's not easy making up a vintage mixed tea set from scratch. When you're buying a cup here and a saucer there it can be tricky and time consuming to complete that delightful set. The postage costs alone can cause a financial meltdown and a girl to swoon over with shock if you're purchasing online. Worry not! We have the solution and it's ready to be delivered cost effectively to your door without fuss and fluster. So if you're planning a shabby chic wedding or a special tea party we have created complete mixed vintage china tea sets including the teapot, jug and sugar bowl, and some also have dessert spoons, forks and coloured glass bowls included. Just brew up a nice hot pot of tea then add some guests and cupcakes. VoilĂ . You have yourself an instant tea party!

pretty floral and gold tea setA gorgeous floral and gold mixed tea set. It just oozes with nostalgia for those dreamy bygone days.

pink and gold cake standPretty cupcakes are beautifully displayed on this three tier cake stand. Top off with chocolate fingers in the cup or a little posy of flowers.

vintage mixed cups saucers and side platesDrinking from a dainty china cup really does make your tea taste nicer!

vintage tea and dessert setAmerican Anchor Hocking apricot lustre dessert bowls and silver plated spoons are included with the set above.
We love the pink and gold Sadler 1950's teapot in the tea set shown below.

pink and green tea setIf your intending to have your hair styled into a short bob and to drop your waistline, perhaps listen to a bit of jazz or to dance the Charleston, then we have the perfect china for your 1920's flapper's tea party. Two delightful authentic Art Deco period tea sets.

Art Deco tea setSuddenly I feel like reading the Great Gatsby and wearing Coco Chanel. Chic!

Art Deco tea setDidn't granny have good taste!

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