Saturday, September 25, 2010

Autumn's Glory

I couldn't help but notice the moon this evening whilst driving home. I was so distracted by it's big smiley face peeping through the clouds that I sat a full thirty seconds at the traffic lights on green before I realised I ought to go through. Apart from the fact that the moon was huge it was also shining as bright a big silver button on a black coat. This year has a very special harvest moon or so I've read. It happens to correspond with the autumn equinox when the sun rises and sets precisely east to west. Apparently. So what has this got to do with anything you might ask? Well nature is a wondrous and fascinating thing don't you agree? Moreover it means that summer is definitely on it's way out and I know this not because of any celestial phenomenon happening way above my head but because there's a real autumnal nip in the air now. In fact I'm writing at this moment with a thick woollen blanket wrapped around my shoulders. My toes however, are freezing.

So what have we got to look forward to as the seasons hurtle towards the depths of cruel winter?

Autumn Tea SetAutumn actually is my favourite time of year. I love seeing the changing colours and kicking through the heaps of fallen leaves on the ground. How can you resist all that crunchiness beneath your feet and the feel of tactile hard skinned horse chestnuts? The time for boots and scarves and Halloween. In Britain this is quickly followed by Bonfire Night when we huddle round a raging fire on a cold damp evening and eat semi cooked potatoes baked in the embers. Oh yes there's plenty yet to look forward to. In celebration of all things autumnal we have of course collected together some fabulous seasonal tea sets.

The above is from the 1930's and made by Grindleys. The maple leaf pattern captures the spirit of autumn wonderfully with muted shades of green and purple with scarlet red and golden yellow. The teapot is a hedgerow feast of ripening blackberries. Just perfect for this time of year to make a piping hot pot of tea and as the berries are in plentiful supply I suggest a slice of apple and blackberry pie and cream.

Autumn Leaf Teacup Stack
The teacup handles are especially stylish. Art Deco style certainly. Useful too for your frozen fingers on November 5th if you're outside watching the fireworks. They are a really clever comfortable design.

Royal Tudor Hedgerow Rose Pattern Tea Set
This next tea set is vintage Royal Tudor Ware by Barker Brothers. Lovely warm orange and white wild roses accentuated against a deep green leaf. Made from ironstone it has a pleasing robust feel to it with a nice hard glaze. It makes me feel cosy just looking at it. This set I can imagine sitting comfortably on a large oak kitchen table. Placed firmly at the hub of the household.

Royal Tudor Teacups
The prospect of autumn's arrival gives a girl the sense that it's time to turn to the house and withdraw indoors on those long dark nights. The tea set below has a real country cottage and sweet homely style. Made by Royal Vale under Ridgways in Staffordshire this pattern I believe is aptly called 'homestead'.

Royal Vale Homestead Tea Set
There's a real touch of vintage nostalgia featured in the design. A chocolate box thatched cottage and garden it certainly does imbue the notion of 'no place like home'.

Country Cottage Teacups
The pattern is repeated on the jug and sugar bowl too. Welcome home! Put the kettle on won't you?

Royal Vale Homestead Tea Set
Finally we come to this super special tea set again in a 'homestead' pattern. Can you believe that it was made back in the 1930's? The condition is fabulous and I can only assume that whoever was lucky enough to own this collection kept it reserved for rare celebratory occasions.

Johnson Brothers Homestead 1930s
It's by Johnson Brothers 'Pareek' and as you would expect from this world renowned company it is indeed exceptional quality earthenware. In a lovely creamy glaze with the prettiest hollyhocks again in a cottage garden.

Johnson Brothers Homestead
The plates are a lovely shape as is the sugar bowl and milk jug below. It certainly is a rare find.

Johnson Brothers Homestead Teacups
I do hope that you enjoy your autumn as much as I am planning to. If you're off to collect conkers, kick leaves, splash in puddles with your wellies on, pick apples, bake them or just to keep warm by the fire when the cold wind blows, then do have a wonderful seasonal time.


  1. Yeh, I'd agree, nature is indeed a wondrous and fascinating thing. So too is this nice selection of china you have here, and so beautifully presented and photographed. Well done! The 1930s Grindley appealed to me the most. Gotta love those Deco handles :)

    O well, nice photo essay Cupcake, I enjoyed it heaps.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I am really pleased you like our post:)



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