Monday, September 6, 2010

Three Pink Cake Stands

When a box of dusty vintage china wrapped in newspaper was placed on the table in front of me I had no idea that hiding amongst the contents would be a small collection of the prettiest pink tea plates. On discovering them after a bit of rummaging I was practically grinning from ear to ear. Show me a powder pink plate and I'm a very happy girl. These were a heavenly shade of pink and made by Grosvenor Bone China. The back stamp revealed that they were destined for Fortnum and Mason no less. The quality is just exquisite. I've never seen such microscopic brush strokes on a piece of china. Some of the little tinted leaves are less than a millimetre and they are faultless. I couldn't wait to reuse them and they were quickly transformed into fashionable cake stands.

pink cake standI've teamed one of the saucers up with a new Royal Albert (aptly named) Pink cake plate and a Royal Grafton tea plate then topped it off with a Foley teacup. It's prettier than a cupcake with pink icing.

The above picture shows the hand painted border over transfer print. Those little flowers and leaves are really teeny tiny. I can't imagine the concentration and skill it must have taken to produce such fine work. It takes a magnifying glass for me to see it!

pink teacup cake standI'm really pleased with how the pattern and colours worked so well with the saucer and Foley tea cup. I would have put a little flower posy in the top but then you wouldn't have been able to see the floral motif inside the cup. *sighs* It's so pretty!

cupcake stand pinkOne of the pink tea plates was used to create this simple three tier cake stand. Again matched with a Grafton China plate from our stock though this one is slightly larger. They could have been made for one another.

tier cake stand pinkThe base plate is from Royal Albert's Zandra Rhodes 'My Favourite Things' collection. Classic Zandra with her love of wiggly lines. Mixing vintage with new designs can work beautifully. The reclaimed plates were in brilliant condition and had clearly been very well cared for. Pieces that show signs of wear and use look fabulous when mixed together for 'shabby chic' cake stands but those that have been kept in pristine condition in granny's beloved china cabinet are reserved for matching with brand new.

pink cake standThe final cake stand I'd like to share with you is also pink! Once you get started on a theme it's hard to know when to let it go. Saying that, I'm pleased that the pink mood continued. The cake stand below has a gorgeous Tuscan china cup and saucer at the top. How I wish we could find many more as lovely as this one.

mad hatter cake stand pinkThe middle is a Dolphin china pink plate lavishly decorated in gold. Lush!

pink teacup cake standNow what if you filled the cup with biscuit fingers and took some luxury chocolates out of their cardboard packaging and arranged them on this cake stand instead? They wouldn't stay there very long! I may just have to succumb to the temptation....yum!

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