Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shabby Chic Halloween

We've been far too busy to take care of our little allotment this year. Which is sad. Way back in May when hopes were high I nurtured some pumpkin seeds and planted the seedlings underneath the climbing beans. How they survived the drought considering how neglectful we were with the watering is a mystery. Nonetheless they did. Okay, so they're not going to win any prizes in the monster squash category at the RHS show but hey, it's almost Halloween and we have pumpkins galore. The plants had completely withered away and what remained were bright orange football sized pumpkins resting on the tops of the raised beds patiently waiting for us to carry them off. They filled up several carrier bags and weighed a tonne. My arms are still trailing on the floor behind me.

Do I slice scary faces into them or do something sensible and make a great big batch of pumpkin soup? Fetch me a knife! Halloween approaches!

Vintage Mixed China Cake StandPumpkin orange. Now there's a cheerful autumnal colour if ever I saw one. I'm loving it teamed up with lime green too. Rich red, warm yellow, burnt orange, and leaf green. Choose from nature's seasonal palate to create a stunning colour combination.

festive English china teacups and saucersThere's more than a hint of Christmas elegance (is it okay to say that word yet?) in the mixed china tea set above. Autumn flows so effortlessly into the festive season that I've already started to think ahead to that certain date in December. Maybe it's the ivy leaf design on the vintage Colclough teacup contrasting so beautifully with the red rose teacup by Royal Stafford. Mixed with sparkling gold, a sprinkle of crisp fallen leaves and deep pink and it's Christmas I cannot deny. Have the company of good friends and top the teacups up with hot mulled wine and serve with warm mince pies. Hmm...

Vintage Autumn Colours Tea SetIt is rather fashionable to serve up cocktails in china teacups. I adore the idea. How refined and quintessentially English and yet slightly rebellious at the same time! You could fill the sugar bowl with olives and lace the milk jug with something a little stronger if preferred. Perfect for a Halloween or shabby chic bonfire party. You could of course brew up a hot pot of tea. Nothing quite like it to keep the chill off on a cold autumnal afternoon.

English mixed vintage teacups saucers and tea platesFruits and berries and seeds and pods are simply in abundance at this time of year. There's a rustic feel about autumn or is that just the rustle of all those fallen leaves? When the air is damp and the sky is grey it's time to turn to some comforting homely shabby chic.

add a touch of glamour to your bonfire night partyEnjoy the colours and the bounty out there right now whether you're entering into Spring or Autumn as we are. There are plenty of yummy treats to bake for the party season. Maybe I'll dig out that jar of mincemeat from the back of the cupboard that I made last year. Or was it the year before? Oh well. It ought to be well matured by now with all that brandy. I might even make some mince pies so I can show off my own vintage china.

mixed autumnal colours bone china tea setThese tea sets are available now from our vintage china boutique at Cake Stand Heaven. We have a lovely selection of cake stands, tea sets and fine English mixed china to choose from. It's so easy to start a vintage china collection of your own by mismatching beautiful pieces. That's the beauty of shabby chic. But do remember - a vintage tea set is not just for Christmas!

It's something to treasure for many years to come. Granny looked after it and we should too.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

"It's always tea-time." So said the Mad Hatter. We agree. Stop the clock at six and make time stand still with this Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Party Tea Set.

Mad Tea PartyIf you're thinking of having your own Mad Tea Party eclectic china is a must. We have chosen a fashionable pink and green floral theme in a mixed selection of teacups, saucers and tea plates to keep it quirky.

Drink Me Teacup and SaucerTie some little 'drink me' labels to your teacups to delight your guests.

Teapot Topped Cake Stand The centre piece of this tea set is a pink roses cake stand topped with a super cute teapot. Hide some sweets inside for your friends to find.

Royal Albert Rose Time plateVintage fine china from Royal Albert. Cupcakes look a treat on this "Rose Time" tea plate.

Drink Me Potion BottleDon't forget the potion bottle. Okay ours is filled with a drop of home made berrybena cordial (courtesy of River Cottage Preserves Handbook) but you can top yours up with a potent brew of your own choosing.

The Mad Hatters Tea PartyThe Queen of Hearts has to put in an appearance. A giant playing card gives a hint that she's around here somewhere shrieking "Off with their head!"

Teacup StackThis unique Mad Tea Set is for six people and includes a cream jug and sugar bowl. Available now from cakestandheaven. We have a gorgeous selection of mixed china to choose from and if you're planning an Alice themed wedding or large tea party it's so easy to add to this set.

Mad Tea Party tea set


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