Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Mad Tea Party

"It's always tea-time." So said the Mad Hatter. We agree. Stop the clock at six and make time stand still with this Alice in Wonderland inspired Mad Party Tea Set.

Mad Tea PartyIf you're thinking of having your own Mad Tea Party eclectic china is a must. We have chosen a fashionable pink and green floral theme in a mixed selection of teacups, saucers and tea plates to keep it quirky.

Drink Me Teacup and SaucerTie some little 'drink me' labels to your teacups to delight your guests.

Teapot Topped Cake Stand The centre piece of this tea set is a pink roses cake stand topped with a super cute teapot. Hide some sweets inside for your friends to find.

Royal Albert Rose Time plateVintage fine china from Royal Albert. Cupcakes look a treat on this "Rose Time" tea plate.

Drink Me Potion BottleDon't forget the potion bottle. Okay ours is filled with a drop of home made berrybena cordial (courtesy of River Cottage Preserves Handbook) but you can top yours up with a potent brew of your own choosing.

The Mad Hatters Tea PartyThe Queen of Hearts has to put in an appearance. A giant playing card gives a hint that she's around here somewhere shrieking "Off with their head!"

Teacup StackThis unique Mad Tea Set is for six people and includes a cream jug and sugar bowl. Available now from cakestandheaven. We have a gorgeous selection of mixed china to choose from and if you're planning an Alice themed wedding or large tea party it's so easy to add to this set.

Mad Tea Party tea set


  1. o.k., oh my Goodness, I'm in love with your stuff.Too cute for words.Drop by and visit me please.We'll Have a tea party.Denise from:Denise's Delights

  2. Hi Denise and welcome! Thank you so much for visiting. What lovely china you have on your blog too. Delightful for sure. A tea party would be wonderful wouldn't it? :)



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