Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Cake Stand

33 days to go and counting! Like it or not Christmas is coming! It's time to get organised and baking those mince pies and spicing the wine. Why not make this year's festivities extra special and set a truly spectacular table for your family and friends?

Christmas Cake StandWe have the perfect centre piece to complete your setting. A Christmas Village 3 tier cake stand created by us from new Mason's plates designed by Marsten-Mandrajji. With cute little Christmas cottages and trees based on a naive festive scene it's sure to delight. Stack up with treats, sweets and festive goodies or if you prefer a healthy option why not pile it high with mixed nuts, dried fruits and clementines. Decorate it with strings of gold beads, pine cones, and festive foliage. Tie a large bow onto the handle and enjoy! Available in store now at £39.95 plus postage.

cranberry scented candleWe also have a lovely selection of festive vintage teacup candles which are wonderful for creating a warm ambiance. Scented with mulled wine, cranberry and pine needles, bring the aroma of Christmas into your home. They make beautiful gifts and once the candle is finished use them for a nice cup of tea.

The cake stand is easy to assemble/disassemble so that it can be safely stored until next Christmas and for many festive occasions to come. Time to get making and baking!


  1. Superb blogs! Can i come to tea please. I remember my grandmas teas being a highlight, best china and fancies with delicate sandwiches,home made preserves to eat, it was an occasion we all looked forward too Days around the table sharing tea with the whole family are sadly not as popular, the price we pay in this modern age when everyone seems to be in such a rush.

  2. Many thanks :)

    You're so right! I think we've lost something of a treasured tradition too. I'm hoping to rekindle the style and elegance of those times when people got together around a table set with their best china and shared a cup of tea and cake in good company. You're welcome for tea any time ♥

  3. It's nice to see the china cup and saucer making a comeback

  4. I love a tradional pot of tea and 'fancy' cake. the Christmas cake stand is lovely. very attractive blog!



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