Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Pretty Vintage Cake Stand

Mixing and matching the pretty vintage plates we use to create our cake stands takes a lot of time, care and consideration. Making the correct decision is a subjective process and quite honestly, choosing just the right colours, sizes and patterns can often cause some disagreement. The rule is that if we love our cake stands then we hope that you will too. Sometimes making that choice is easy. Especially when we're presented with such a gorgeous set of matching plates.

This three tiered vintage cake stand is a great example. We were bowled over with the beauty of the hand painted decoration on these Royal Standard bone china plates made sometime around the late 1940s. They were a rare and happy find. 

Someone took a lot of pride and precision in their work. Whoever owned them in the following decades took pride in them too. You can tell that they've been well loved and kept for best as the gold gilding is barely worn and the colours are still vibrant and bright. 

The teacup we used to create the top tier of the cake stand is in fabulous condition too. It will look lovely filled with sugared almonds and other sweetie treats.

The square scalloped edged cake plate at the base with scrolls of gold gilding on the handles adds the finishing touch of vintage glamour. I must say I especially adore this latest cake stand and as it's going to a new home I thought I'd share it with you now. 

Each of our vintage cake stands is unique. It's unlikely that someone else has found the exact same plates since they are so long out of production and have chosen the very same to match. We are constantly on the look out for pretty plates and tea sets and replenishing our stock with unique items on an almost daily basis. 

Check back and let's see what pretty things may come soon. 

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