Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Butterfly Cakes and Bread Roll Bricks

Butterfly Cupcakes and Vintage Cake Stand

Sunday night and we were looking for something different to do. "I know!" It was an inspirational moment. "Let's make some bread!" The cupboards were thoroughly rifled through and a packet of dried yeast and strong wholemeal flour were duly discovered. It's amazing what you can find hiding out of sight in a kitchen cupboard. So they were ever so slightly out of date but only just. Mother pummelled the life of out a giant ball of sticky bread dough and daughter chose instead to make some cupcakes. With the help of an electric whisk it's a far less physically demanding and much sweeter than bread rolls. Besides, classic cake mix is the only recipe I can remember without the need for a cookery book. The mixture was nice and fluffy and ready for the oven but the only paper cases to be found in the cupboards were for muffins. Too big for what I had in mind. Luckily after rooting this time through the kitchen drawers I found some reusable silcone baking moulds. A small dollop of the mix was carefully spooned into each one and into the oven they went. Fingers crossed.

They turned out remarkably well. So well that they had risen above the cases like little mole hills. What are you supposed to do with the silcone? Peel it off? Leave it on? I peeled them. Without paper cases they looked more like mini Victoria sponge cakes than cupcakes! Oh dear. This wasn't going too well. I couldn't drizzle icing on as planned or it would be running down the sides. What to do with them now? Butterfly cakes! Here I have to give due credit to the yummy Distracted Gourmet blog for giving me that inspired idea. The bread rolls sadly turned out like bricks. Hard as concrete thanks to the out of date flour no doubt and the cook on this occasion can't be blamed.

I'm rather pleased with the result of my butterfly cakes. My first ever attempt at using a piping bag too. It cost a whole sixty-nine pence from Wilkinsons. The butter icing was squirted on in a bit of a haphazard fashion but once the 'wings' were placed on top and the cakes were dusted with sugar they looked a little more forgiving.

Butterfly cakes displayed beautifully on one of our vintage three tier cake stands of course. Maybe I ought to try baking more often. We have plenty of choice of gorgeous cake stands to serve them on! All that's left now is to eat them all. Bang goes that diet!


  1. Gorgeous cake stands (cakes look pretty good too). Love all this vintage china, apparently mismatched china is all the rage this year!

  2. You have a very nice inspiring blog!

    I follow you...

    greetings from switzerland
    jacqueline ♡




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