Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Royal Wedding Tea Party Tea Set

 If you're looking forward to joining in the Royal Wedding celebrations and are planning an afternoon tea party with friends and family then you'll love this vintage china tea set and cake stand in a very British red white and blue theme. None of those disposable paper plates and plastic cups here thank you! We think that this is an occasion to enjoy in glamorous vintage style. Okay, so you'll have to wash the cake from the plates when you've finished but you will have a beautiful china tea set to use again for years to come.

All the pieces in this tea set were made in England by famous makers from the Staffordshire Potteries. Paragon (by Royal Appointment), Royal Albert, Royal Stafford, Crown Royal, Duchess....and...Colclough. It's a right royal collection of china!

 We've selected shades of red and blue on pure white china with a subtle hint of pink.

 You'll need a cake stand to stack up all those tasty tea party treats so we created one to complement the tea set. There's a milk jug and sugar bowl and we have teapots in store if you need one too.

However you choose to celebrate the big occasion on the 29th April remember to buy a box of tissues (to gracefully dab the cake crumbs from your lips of course) and do have lots of fun! We wish William and Kate all the best on their special day and hope they have a long and happy life together!

Have a great party everybody! 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink

 A mixed china cake stand decorated with pink and white roses. The teacup top has been converted so that the handle can be removed. Wouldn't this look lovely on a wedding reception table?
 A vintage Tuscan pink china plate comport cake stand with a pink rose teacup pedestal. With pretty pink carnations fresh from the supermarket garden. Comports make beautiful tea table centre pieces and can be decorated with flowers and candles as well as cupcakes.
Apple Blossom Pink Vintage 3 Tier Cake StandA unique vintage three tier mixed china cake stand with a Royal Stafford square cake plate base in the "Apple Blossom" pink pattern.
Gold and Pink Vintage Tiered Cake StandA pink and gold vintage three tier cake stand. With soft pink roses and a luxurious gold floral pattern and a very pretty Crown Staffordshire tea plate on the top.
This cake stand is topped with a Royal Albert "Flower of the Month Series Sweet Pea" bone china teacup and saucer. How appropriate this month happens to be April!
A fabulous Paragon china Victoriana Rose vintage teapot. Teapots in this pattern are a rare find so we were tickled pink when found three in different sizes. Daddy, Mummy and Baby teapots perhaps? In 1926 the then Duchess of York better known now as the Queen Mother commissioned a tea service for Princess Elizabeth's (H.R.H The Queen) nursery. Ever since they have been granted the Royal Warrant and many royal commissions. If you've having a tea party to celebrate the impending wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton then brewing tea in a Paragon teapot is a must!

...and make it teapot in pink!

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Vintage 3 Tier Cake Stand for an Easter Tea Party

Each month we will be featuring a beautiful vintage cake stand inspired by the natural colours of the seasons. 

 This month is APRIL and we have the perfect centre piece cake stand for an Easter tea party. You could decorate it with slices of simnel cake and mini chocolate egg cupcakes for an extra special treat on Easter Sunday. This month's featured cake stand has a top tier made from a beautiful pale green vintage Aynsley plate. The colourful middle tier plate is by Colclough in the Hedgerow pattern. 

We love the mixture of soft greens and pale yellow. Yellow is the colour of spring. I'm reminded of primroses and the blaze of yellow forsythia and daffodils and of course dandylions. Very pretty!

The base of the cake stand is a Caverswell china April plate. It's one of a series of twelve designed by John Ball to reflect the unique beauty of the book "The Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady" by Edith Holden.


I remember taking this book from my Mum's bookcase and browsing through the pages as a child. Seeing it again is a sentimental treat. The drawings are exquisitely pretty and evokotive of a nostalgic English countryside and it's wildlife. Just like the book I hope that this cake stand will make you smile and have you feeling the hopeful cheer of springtime all year round as the seasons change.

 Next month....May!


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