Friday, June 17, 2011

Birthday Flowers

Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers for your birthday? I'd like to think so. I have my birthday this month. Wonder if someone will send me a nice surprise this year? A bunch of birthday flowers maybe?

Just as there are birthstones associated with each calender month, tradition has it that there are also particular birthday flowers too. June's modern birthstones are moonstone and pearl. Symbolic of friendship, loyalty and modesty. *blushes* How true. I'm delighted to learn that I am also a Lancaster Rose. This is a stunning geographical co-incidence. An English Rose indeed. Perfect!

Apart from the fact that I will be another year older and wiser very soon, there is a reason for this birthday talk. I have for your delight a collection of charming vintage china which is blossoming with floral loveliness. Each piece is decorated with a beautifully illustrative birthday flower. I really enjoyed making the two cake stands. It's such a joy to work with pieces that you can truly appreciate and I adore these. I have a favourite of course and I'm ever so slightly tempted not to let it go. You may guess which. These pieces are to keep and treasure. Whoever owned them previous certainly did so. Tuscan china is exceptional quality. I think these must have been loved and admired and kept for very best. Here is a selection...

A milk jug and sugar bowl both decorated with September's Aster, as are the square base plates used to create the cake stands.

This cake stand is topped with October's Cosmos.

June's Rose :)

July's Water Lily

September's Aster

February's Violet

April's Sweetpea

This three tier cake stand has a mixture of September's Aster, January's Carnation and October's Cosmos.

Of course you don't need to have a birthday to use and appreciate this beautiful china. These enduring pieces can be enjoyed all year round and vintage charm is forever fashionable. Fine English bone china made circa 1949 by Tuscan China. The company is R.H. & S.L. Plant Ltd. They were once based at the Tuscan Works in Longton in the famous Staffordshire Potteries. You can read a little more about them in our newsletter on the website and find more from the Birthday Flowers collection in the shop section.

Okay, now I wait for the florist to knock on my door. Red roses I hope!

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