Saturday, July 16, 2011

Looking to Buy a Cheap Cake Stand?

If you're looking to buy a cheap cake stand then buyer beware! You just might get what you pay for. Cheap equates to shoddy fittings, scratched and chipped plates and clumsy holes made in the plates which have failed to find the centre!

We did a little test this week and purchased what appeared to be two charming but cheap 3 tier cake stands from a certain website and proceeded to assemble them. The plates were indeed pretty but oh dear! We weren't charmed by them. Laugh! We fell off our chairs and proceeded to roll around on the floor holding our ribs together until the mirth subsided. I'm sure that a customer with high expectations might have had a sense of humour failure in the same circumstances. Frankly, we were shocked.

The holes were not in the centre of the plates which made the cake stand look drunk and no we weren't tippling the sherry at this point.

We made a mark to show the centre and as can clearly be seen in the above picture the hole is certainly not central. This makes the plate sit at an angle when assembled.

 The above picture shows china chiped away from the central hole. Not what you want to happen on expensive and pretty plates.

 This picture shows a chipped central hole and a long skid line where the drill head has slipped across the surface of the plate.

Finally the centre fittings were made of rubber - okay so that's a big fib but I don't know of many materials that bend and wobble so much.

Still want to buy a 'cheap' cake stand?

Many amateur sellers do not show pictures of the plates disassembled and make the hole which the centre fitting sits through far too large so that the plates slip from the thread and sit at odd angles.

 Looking to buy a Cake Stand made by the professionals?

 The above picture shows one of our drilled vintage china plates.

At Cake Stand Heaven we only sell skillfully drilled vintage plates which meet our strict quality control. Each cake stand we create has to give us a sense of pride and satisfaction. We would not sell a cake stand that we would not love to own or accept for ourselves. We assemble each one and check for alignment before posting to our customers. We do not use cracked, chipped or crazed plates. We use the same U.K. supplier for our die cast metal centre fittings as the major manufacturers do.

Our quality metal centre fittings easily support this Royal Worcester teapot top.

Finding good quality pretty vintage china is getting harder. Demand is extremely high at the moment so prices are being pushed ever higher. We often purchase tea sets and then find that we can only use one or two items as the rest have chips, crazing or hairline cracks. Such pieces would never be passed on to our customers. Our china is still great value and our search for ever more beautiful pieces goes on.

You wouldn't expect anything less would you?

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