Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Our British China Heritage

A must see for any vintage china lover is the BBC Four ‘Ceramics: A Fragile History’. The first two of three episodes ‘The Story of Clay’ and ‘The Story of Wedgwood’ can be viewed on the BBC i-Player until the end of this month. 
Ceramics A Fragile History: The Story of Clay

The third episode ‘The Art of the Potter’ can be seen at 9pm, October24th.

This fascinating series explains many of the mysteries of china manufacturing, who the innovators were and the sad decline of the Staffordshire Potteries.

There is also a programme presented by Lars Tharp called the ‘Treasures of Chinese Porcelain’ from the Handmade in Britain: a BBC and V&A Partnership which is a year-long season exploring the history of British decorative arts.

It is no wonder that beautiful English vintage china has become so popular considering that there are now so few manufacturers producing their products in the UK and that there is a limited supply of vintage china.

If you only have one or two pieces of vintage china it isn’t easy to incorporate them into your everyday dining service but if you were to collect a mismatch of china you could create a beautiful and unique china tea set for daily use.

It makes sense to me to re-cycle pre-loved china and to bring it back into the dining room. A tiered cake stand is a thing of beauty and very likely will be cared for and passed on to the next generation.

Today’s vintage is tomorrow’s antique.   

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