Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vintage China Gifts for Christmas

Vintage mismatched bone china milk jug and sugar bowl

With Christmas fast approaching many of our customers are buying beautiful china gifts for their loved ones. To ensure that your gifts stay in perfect condition we recommend that they are hand washed only. We sometimes find beautiful china tea sets which have been ruined by being washed in a dishwasher. The detergents used in these machines are far too harsh for the delicate patterns and gold gilding found on vintage china. We discard pieces which have been washed in this way as their surfaces loose the glaze and the gold gilding is tarnished or completely removed. 22KT gold was used for china gilding, this is a soft metal and harsh rubbing and abrasives will remove it. So do remember to tell your gift recipients to hand wash only.

Traditional Tearoom Cake Stand

Did you know that the traditional tearoom cake stand is used to serve savouries as well as cakes? 

The bottom tier is for ‘finger sandwiches’. Simply cut the crusts from the bread and slice into 3 ‘fingers’. For a more refined sandwich try 3 layers of bread instead of 2 with complimentary fillings.  

The middle tier is for plain scones served with jam and cream and the top tier is for dainty cakes and sweet pastries. 

Pink Roses and Pastel Green Mismatched Teacup Top Cake Stand
If you have a 3 tier china cake stand, instead of the metal framed tearoom style, you can still serve a variety of goodies on each plate. We like to serve crudities in the teacup of our teacup top cake stands. Dips can be served in teacups instead of in bowls. 

Foley Vintage China Teacup Trio
 In fact we use teacups to serve all sorts of things such as jelly, trifle, cupcakes and sometimes cocktails. It’s just a case of using your imagination to create a fun afternoon tea party with a difference. 
Below is a link to Fortnum and Mason’s website where you will find some interesting videos related to tea and serving afternoon teas.

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