Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So what is this Vintage china anyway?

Many manufacturers are now calling their china 'Vintage'. How can it be vintage when it was made just yesterday? Well it isn't. What they mean is that it is in the style of vintage china. That means pretty china decorated with similar patterns of time gone by. Well there's nothing wrong with pretty china as long as it is of the quality of past productions but surely it should be named 'vintage style'?

Alfred Meakin 'Posy' VINTAGE china c.1940's
There are very few manufacturers who still make their china in the U.K.

Our vintage china was made in and around the Staffordshire potteries between 1913 and 1977. We use a 35 years date guide from this year to arrive at a vintage date line. Anything prior to 1913 -being 100 years old - is antique. 
ANTIQUE china - cake stand created from 19th century plates.
We have many enquiries from our customers asking when we will have an out of stock vintage item back in stock. This has been something of a puzzle to us until we realised that some people think we can order more because they connect the term vintage with new china. 
Shelley ART DECo period cake plate c.1920's
So maybe we should ask manufacturers to stop calling new china 'Vintage'!
At least now YOU know the difference.

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