Sunday, May 26, 2013

A Splash Of Pink, Green, Blue Or Maybe Yellow!

What does a girl do when she can't make up her mind about colour?
Well mix and match of course.

Vintage bone china teacup trios.
 Mellow yellow, peach and lime or......

Beautiful vintage china teacups and saucers.
 Perhaps blue, pink and green.

Gorgeous teacup top cake stands and china trios.

Dolly Mixture, Daisy Chain and Custard Cream - cake stands! 
yes they really are 

Paragon 1940's Vintage China Tea Set
 Pastel yellow and floral tea set.

 A new collection of beautiful authentic vintage china now in stock.

Friday, April 12, 2013


Do I choose Vintage or New China for my mismatched afternoon tea set?
Well we think you can mix both.
A selection of mismatched china.
Let's start with vintage china. What exactly is it? The term vintage has become synonymous with china made 35 years ago or more. So that makes anything manufactured between 1913 - 1978 vintage. Of course each year that passes puts the date range up by a year - so in 2014 the range will be 1914 - 1979 and so on. By the way for an item to be classed as antique it must be 100 years old.  

The confusion occurs when manufacturers of new china call their range 'Vintage'. What they really mean is 'in the vintage style'. Most modern china has simple clean lines and is often of a mono-colour. New 'vintage style' china will be more elaborate in shape and pattern and usually have a floral or bird design copying the gorgeous patterns of years gone by.
 Many authentic vintage china pieces were individually hand painted especially those made in the Art Deco period and earlier. To purchase a new hand painted piece today is much more expensive than most pockets feel comfortable with. 
Hand Painted ART DECO teacups and saucers.
Today's new techniques in transfer printing have made it possible to produce some beautiful designs.

ENCHANTE New Bone China Collection.

SHELTONIAN CHINA Teacups and Saucers.
Many vintage tea sets were sold without a teapot. The teapot was also the first item in a set to become damaged probably because it was used so often. The alternative of course is to add a new bone china teapot to your mismatched teaset.

'Vintage Roses' a new bone china teapot in the vintage style.
So why mismatched tea sets? That one is easy to answer. Not only are mismatched china tea sets very fashionable at present but should a piece get broken then the whole set is not spoiled. You can replace a single piece or a teacup, saucer and tea plate trio with another.
Maxwell Williams ENCHANTE Collection of new afternoon tea china.
...... And finally this seasons colours are bright. Just take a look at the fashions in the shops.
Check out our Vintage and New china. Stock updated almost daily.


Sunday, March 31, 2013

Looking For Some Spring Sunshine?

It may not feel like spring just yet but it has definitely arrived.
Our gorgeous vintage china decorated with spring flowers will brighten your teatime on the dullest of days.
1940's Tuscan China Trio
Start with a beautiful teacup trio. This one was made back in 1947 by R.H.and S.L.Plant Ltd. A famous Staffordshire pottery renowned for their patterns and quality.

Art Deco Shelley Trio

 Add a contrasting colour and style. Shelley Art Deco decorated with sunshine yellow primroses and a gorgeous yellow teacup handle. Made at The Foley in Longton, Staffordshire c.1935.

Melba Hand Painted Trio
 Now combine the colours of the first two trios with this lovely hand painted 1940's Melba china. The yellow daffodils, little blue crocus - more spring flowers, and the green rims start to bring your unique vintage china tea set together.

1930's Wellington China Trio
    Now bring in a little more colour. We keep the theme going with hand painted spring flowers and this time a pale green teacup handle. The dainty blue flowers repeat the blue crocus in the previous trio and add another dimension allowing us to include this colour in our next trio.

Shelley Wild Flowers Trio
A beautiful Shelley trio with a pale blue rim and blue teacup handle. Adding this trio with its multi-coloured floral pattern opens up the choice of colours for more trios and tea set accessories. We have three teacups with coloured handles, a floral theme and a green, yellow and blue colourway.

You could keep this theme going or add in more bold colours - it's your choice.

By selecting mismatched china you can grow your afternoon tea set as large as you please. We have a selection of teapots, milk jugs, sugar bowls cake stands, cake plates etc., to choose from.

Make the most of any warm and sunny days this year and serve a stylish afternoon tea party on beautiful English vintage china. By using a pretty table cloth it won't matter what the 'table' condition is in. Mismatch your chairs and provide cushions and some throws for comfort and light some scented candles to keep the insects away.

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Available From Monday April 1st. 



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